Updates on Water Gremlin’s pollution controls and new, non-toxic solvent

Our new pollution control system is on site, and we are making progress toward achieving maximum efficiency. The system is designed to capture and mitigate emissions from our operations and keep them out of the air in and around our facilities. While we work hard to break-in this complex piece of equipment, our emissions continue to be independently monitored and shared daily with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

We have also been making progress on using an emission-free alternative to t-DCE*, which we have been using in place of TCE as part of our coating process for battery terminals. We have started using a non-toxic, emission-free, water-based solvent which has the capacity to make four million battery terminals per year. While not all our customers are ready to make the switch to this solvent, we hope to bring more customers on board as we fully confirm its quality and effectiveness.

*t-DCE is an alternate solvent that is not considered a hazardous air pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency.