Soil vapor testing shows no risk to residents for t-DCE or TCE beyond Water Gremlin facilities; Water Gremlin installs systems to mitigate and prevent t-DCE vapor

Upon the discovery of t-DCE vapors below our building slab, Water Gremlin immediately initiated a series of tests to ensure that vapors do not exist beyond our facilities. The MPCA reviewed our proposed testing plan. They requested additional sampling locations that we added to our plan. The testing was performed at key locations in the direction of residences closest to our building.

The laboratory results, which are provided to the MPCA directly from Pace Analytical, a third-party independent laboratory, show that soil vapor levels are well below action levels for soil vapors established by the MPCA and Minnesota Department of Health. This includes VOCs such as TCE and t-DCE. The specific sample location and corresponding laboratory results are provided below for TCE and t-DCE.

We have also taken action to improve vapor capture inside our building and installed a system to capture any vapors that might reach the air space below our building slab that directs those vapors to a carbon filter system that captures 100% of those vapors. That system addresses historic TCE issues, but also captures any t-DCE from our operations. The systems have been installed and tested, and the results show that they can efficiently and effectively capture TCE and t-DCE, and control t-DCE vapors.

For additional information about the Water Gremlin remedial investigation results, please click here.

Coating operations

Water Gremlin’s coating operations remain paused and we continue to work with our customers to transition to a water-based coating solvent that would result in a 50% reduction in our t-DCE use and emissions. While not all our customers are ready to make the switch, we are working hard to confirm its effectiveness and quality to show customers it can meet their specifications.