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Water Gremlin Company was founded in 1949 by Robert Ratte. After serving in World War II, Ratte started making fishing sinkers in an old chicken shack on his family farm. While the company’s footprint has grown over the years, its location has remained the same.

Water Gremlin (present day) Water Gremlin (present day)
Water Gremlin (1940s) Water Gremlin (1940s)

In the 1970s, the company expanded its product line to include industry-leading battery terminals. Water Gremlin currently employs approximately 340 people and has more than 59.4 acres of land in White Bear Township. For more information, visit our fishing sinkers website or our battery terminals website.

Battery terminals

Water Gremlin is the leading supplier of battery terminals to the North and South American battery markets. The battery terminals we make in White Bear Township are used in cars, motorcycles, construction equipment and even submarines.

Water Gremlin molds battery terminals and ships them to its customers. Many of these terminals also require the application of various materials that help reduce or eliminate battery acid escaping between the terminal and the plastic cover. This process improves battery life and product safety for consumers because it prevents acid leakage.

Water Gremlin (present day)
Water Gremlin (1940s)

Fishing sinkers

Water Gremlin has manufactured fishing sinkers since its founding in 1949. We make a variety of fishing sinkers out of lead, steel or tin – depending on the customer’s request.

Fishing sinkers

At Water Gremlin, the safety of our employees and the community is our top priority. This includes keeping the community informed about situations that have the potential to be of concern to our neighbors. We encourage neighbors to join our email list to receive updates from us. Should you have any questions about our operations, please submit a comment using the form at the bottom of the page.


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