Month: September 2019

Water Gremlin makes significant progress in moving to an emission-free coating alternative

Water Gremlin is pleased to announce that it has taken a major step toward its goal of becoming a VOC-free facility. The company’s largest battery terminal customer has approved replacing the use of t-DCE with a non-toxic, emission-free, water-based coating alternative. This means that 40% of the company’s battery terminal operations is VOC-free. Water Gremlin… Read more »

Soil vapor testing shows no risk to residents for t-DCE or TCE beyond Water Gremlin facilities; Water Gremlin installs systems to mitigate and prevent t-DCE vapor

Upon the discovery of t-DCE vapors below our building slab, Water Gremlin immediately initiated a series of tests to ensure that vapors do not exist beyond our facilities. The MPCA reviewed our proposed testing plan. They requested additional sampling locations that we added to our plan. The testing was performed at key locations in the… Read more »

Tree Trust Work Plan

As part of our stipulation agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, we are partnering with Tree Trust to plant trees in communities surrounding Water Gremlin and on the Water Gremlin campus itself. Tree Trust recently released its plan (below) outlining how many and what kind of trees will be planted in specific parks and… Read more »